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Camassia Cusickii Zwanenburg

Camassia Cusickii Zwanenburg

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Striking mauve flower spikes. Native to North West American meadows.

Camassia: (Zones 1,2) - See also General Bulb Growing Instructions

Also known as a wild blue hyacinth. Plant in well drained but moist soil in a full sun location, and water them in well. Plant 10cm deep and 20-25cm apart. They will happily naturalise in moist soils near ponds and streams. If you have a moist but sunny spot in your garden that other plants do not like, then Camassia will be a good option to use. Late spring blooming, animal resistant and great cut flowers.

Aspect: Full Sun;Half Sun

Growing Zones: Zone 1, 2 (refer to Climate Map)

Flowers: Sep:Oct

Product Type: Rare and Exotic

Product code: CCZ

Scientific Name: Camassia Cusickii

Supplied as: Dry Bulbs

Water Wise: No

Colour: Mauve, Blue

Planting Time: Mar;Apr;May

End Use: Pots;Cut Flowers;Garden;Naturalising

Frost Hardy: Yes

Height: 60-80cm

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