Black Magic - Zantedeschia

Black Magic - Zantedeschia


Named for it's dark throat, this calla lily is a sunny yellow with a black flower base..

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Named for it's dark throat, this calla lily is a sunny yellow with a black flower base..

Zantedeschia (Calla Lily): (Zones 1,2,3,4)

Zantedeschias are fantastic in pots with their decorative leaves and long lasting flowers.  Plant  with some blood and bone or general purpose fertiliser and re-apply annually. In the garden plant in rich well drained soil with a pH of 6-7.5.  Adding some organic matter will help them to thrive.  Plant rough side up and the smoother rounded side down. They like a full sun to half sun situation and do not generally like frosts.  In cooler climates where there are severe frosts it is necessary to lift and store the rhizome for winter.  Store in a ventilated place for a minimum storage time of 10 weeks, although they can remain in storage for as long as 8 to 10 months.   If you have trouble making them flower you may need to move them for more sun.  They need around 6 hours sun per day to flower well, giving them more shade will result in more foliage but decreased flowering.  Water before hot conditions prevail.  It is important that Calla lilies never dry out, nor are water sodden. They grow to approx. 65cm in height.  They will naturalise and can be left in the ground for several years, before lifting  and dividing.

Aspect: Full sun to semi shade

Growing Zones: Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 (refer to Climate Map)

Flowers: Dec;Jan;Feb

Product Type: Zantedeschias

Product code: BM1

Scientific Name: Zantedeschia rehmannii x pentlandii

Supplied as: Dry Bulb

Water Wise: No

Colour: Yellow, Black

Planting Time: Jun;Jul;Aug;Sept;Oct

End Use: Garden;Cut Flower;Potted

Frost Hardy: No

Height: 65cm

Growing Map