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Colchicum Lilac Major

Colchicum Lilac Major

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Bulbs produce these lovely flowers in autumn followed by leaves in spring. Early orders only

Colchicum: (Zones 1,2) - See also General Bulb Growing Instructions

Position Colchicum in full sun in spring, partial shade in summer. They are frost tolerant and grow in average garden soil with excellent drainage. Cover the bulbs with 8 cm of soil and space minimum 15cm apart. Fertilize with a balanced organic fertilizer in spring, when new growth appears. Harvest when the buds are just beginning to open. Allow unharvested flowers to remain in the garden until they set seed, if possible.

Aspect: Full Sun;Half Sun

Growing Zones: Zones 1, 2 (refer to Climate Map)

Flowers: Oct;Nov

Product Type: Rare and Exotic

Product code: CLM

Scientific Name: Colchicum autumnale

Supplied as: Dry Bulbs

Water Wise: No

Colour: Pink

Planting Time: Mar;Apr;May

End Use: Pots;Rockery;Garden;Naturalising

Frost Hardy: Yes

Height: 15cm

Growing Map