montana "Broughton Star" - Clematis

montana "Broughton Star" - Clematis

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Type: Clematis

Scores of delightful double dusky pink blooms adorn early bronzed foliage. Excellent effect combined with other montana climbing together.

Clematis: (Zones 1,2,3,4)

Clematis are romantic ramblers, with exquisite flower forms and seed pods that will adorn your vertical surface.  They screen where needed and intermingle with trees and roses. They can grow in pots if you select a shorter variety, but will require a climbing frame.  A clematis success is attributed to preparation of the soil when planting, position and watering. In late winter to early spring add a dose of manure or compost around the base, not touching the stem.  Liquid fertilisers are useful too. They prefer a full sun to half sun position and will tolerate frosts. They like regular watering during summer but avoid water logging. They like to keep their roots cool in the shade (so under-planting and mulching are good ideas) and their heads in the sun.  The rhizome will go dormant in winter and the foliage can be cut back to within 30cm of the ground the first year, The second year cut back to 1m above the ground.  They range in height from 2-5 metres.  They are generally pest resistant. A little care in the first few years will create a hardy plant for years to come. 

Aspect: Full sun to semi shade

Growing Zones: Zones 1, 2, 3,4 (refer to Climate Map)

Flowers: Oct;Nov

Product Type: Clematis

Product code: MB2

Scientific Name: Clematis x montana

Supplied as: Potted Plant

Water Wise: No

Colour: Pink

Planting Time: May;Jun;Jul;Aug

End Use: Climbing Plant;Garden;Potted;Naturalising

Frost Hardy: Yes

Height: 4-5m

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